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My Company needs
"These days, minimizing costs is especially critical to a company’s survival.  And the cost of building or leasing, hiring employees and purchasing equipment is expensive and, very often, unnecessary.   With the capital I save by partnering with DECWorks, I’ve been able to focus on my core business, convert many of my fixed costs to variable costs, and turn many distribution challenges into competitive advantages for my company."
Will Alcorn
Product Manager

  • Inventory Control & Management
  • Returns Management
  • Product Distribution (Pick & Pack your product line - we’ll take care of shipping)
  • Inventory Organization

My Company Needs WAREHOUSING

Having too much inventory on hand robs you of the opportunity to take advantage of rapidly changing trends and developments.  Your costs go up.  Your profits go down.
As your offsite distribution and warehouse supplier, DECWorks offers an ideal solution. You can streamline your inventory, store only what you need and minimize your costs.

DECWorks provides you with customized solutions to all of your warehousing challenges without the need for capital investment.  By tapping us as your warehousing partner, you can store your materials in a clean, safe, secure environment; maintain complete control of your inventory, and save on both space and overhead.  We carry all the necessary insurance coverage for our staff and your product.  And we keep our prices down, to make you more competitive in the marketplace.

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