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"Our reputation is on the line whenever JusTins manufactures custom decorative canisters, wooden boxes or other promotional packaging solutions.  That is why the outsourcer we use to meet our precise specifications and stick to our budget and deadline is absolutely critical.  We count on DEC to do it rightto get us the answers we need, accurately and quickly, and to perform the work up to our particularly high standards."
Ken Olsho

  • Inventory control
  • Check in/out packaging
  • Bookkeeping
  • Return product testing


Many external service providers are helpless, overwhelmed and intimidated when presented with unusually challenging situations.  Not DECWorks.  We draw on more than 30 years of experience, as well as our proven creativity, resourcefulness, stable workforce and the ability to see through the complexities of various business problems to provide each of our customers with innovative, effective, cost-efficient solutions.

Whether you require fresh ideas for bringing your product to the marketplace … a reliable partner that pays strict attention to even the smallest detail, allowing you to focus your energies on maximizing sales opportunities … or innovative ways to shorten turnaround and increase profitability, you can trust DECWorks to deliver a quality job – consistently and creatively, on time and on budget.

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