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My Company needs
"The people at DECWorks genuinely value our business and recognize they have an obligation to always go the extra mile to exceed our expectations.   We know they'll deliver a finished product on time, to our exact specs, at a competitive price, which then enables us to maximize all of the cost-saving rewards of outsourcing."

Robert Kahn
Chief Operating Officer
Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc. 

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Blister Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Polybag &
    Heat Sealing         
  • Boxing
  • Bottle & Tube Filling
  • Overwrapping

My Company Needs PACKAGING

We painstakingly tailor each packaging project to be specifically appropriate for the end-user.  So when you call on DECWorks to tackle your packaging needs – from jobs involving simple pieces in a bag to multi-piece assemblies with varied components -- you save time, cut costs and take much of the stress and aggravation out of your life.

DECWorks not only has a large team of highly motivated, skilled workers to perform the packaging function; because we procure the packaging materials locally and usually deliver finished work to you without involving outside trucking companies, we also lessen turnaround time and save you money on shipping.  Let us provide you with consistency, flexibility and depth of capabilities for all of your packaging requirements.

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