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"… the outsourcer we use to meet our precise specifications and stick to our budget and deadline is critical.  We count on DECWorks to do it right – to get us the answers we need, accurately and quickly, and to perform the work up to our particularly high standards."

Ken Olsho

  • Product Shipping
  • Product Distribution
  • Returns Management
  • Storage
  • Orders Fulfillment

My Company Needs MAILING

From simple newsletters to large catalogue mailings, DECWorks is the smart resource to handle all of your mailing requirements.

Whatever you need -- bulk mailing and delivery, sorting and collating, folding and inserting, labeling, stamping, drop shipping, etc. – we take the worry out of your job by delivering on all of our promises.  We use all of the commonly used forms of delivery – FedEx, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, etc.  DECWorks:  by exceeding our customers’ expectations, we make deadlines … we make budgets … we make heroes.


Contracting out fulfillment tasks can free up internal resources for other, higher return investments, or provide the organization with resources that are not available internally.  And by turning to DECWorks for support, managers are free to focus on issues that are key to growing their business in product development rather than get caught up in day-to-day issues.

DECWorks allows you to save on payroll – you don’t have to hire extra staff.  And by tapping our well-trained team of motivated workers, you don’t have to put on an extra shift during peak times.  We even enable you to save on space.  You pay our bid price – no changes, no additions, no surprises.

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