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"… the outsourcer we use to meet our precise specifications and stick to our budget and deadline is critical.  We count on DECWorks to do it right – to get us the answers we need, accurately and quickly, and to perform the work up to our particularly high standards."

Ken Olsho

About Us

Why do so many manufacturers, small businesses and mid-sized companies, non-profits, trade groups and associations, institutions, even global conglomerates call DECWorks the best resource for their contract packaging and assembly needs?

Perhaps they value our proven ability to provide quick, customized, cost-effective solutions to even the most difficult assembly, packaging, fulfillment and warehousing challenges.  Maybe they appreciate our reliability – DECWorks safeguards your budget through competitive pricing, and delivers a quality product … responsively, consistently, courteously and on time … by paying strict attention to even the smallest detail.

Or maybe so many organizations rely on DECWorks for their assembly, packaging and fulfillment needs because of our people.  Not only do you get a top-notch job that’s right on the money – the first time, every time – you also help to provide employment for more than 400 men and women with developmental disabilities.  Our team of skilled, meticulously trained workers at five centers in the Greater Philadelphia area exhibits a rarely seen work ethic to satisfy your specific needs.  To them, meaningful work not only provides an income; it’s an opportunity for greater independence and self-worth.

We invite you to tour one of our work centers, and see for yourself why DECWorks works for so many, for so long.  We’ll even come by and pick you up.  To arrange a visit or get more information, please call Walt Cosgrove or Amanda Stewart at (610) 277-8541.  You’ve got nothing to lose – except worry and stress.

Learn more about Developmental Enterprises Corporation by visiting www.decmc.org.

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